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Control The Sun And Beautify Your World With Island Window Tinting
Big windows and open architecture in a home bring the outside in and create a special ambience. Large expanses of glass found in so many of today's homes allow the cheerful, natural light of the sun to flood the interior as well as frame the scenic landscapes that can light the eye and calm the spirit.

Our window films are designed to enable you to enjoy fully the pleasures of light, airy, sun drenched interiors while at the same time providing protection from the sun's heat and damaging ultraviolet rays. If the beauty and comfort of your home's interior revolve, in part, around the sun, why not make it a universe that you control?

Island Window Tinting's safety and security window films reduce the likelihood of shattering glass and airborne shards in the event of glass breakage.

Reduce Fading
The same sun that enlivens our home's interior can be the death of fabrics, furnishings, artwork and rugs. Our window films screen out up to 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that can turn rich colors into faded dreams.

Increase Your Comfort
Window films will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reduce uncomfortable solar "hot spots" in your home, and eliminate annoying and distracting glare. You get the light, but not the heat and glare.

Reduce Your Utility Costs and Save Energy
Clear glass transmits solar energy and also allows heat to escape, boosting utility costs year round. Window films act as thermal shields, reflecting the hot sun in summer and insulating against inside heat loss during winter. You'll cut both air conditioning and heating costs as you conserve energy, yet the beauty outside your windows is unchanged.

Add A Little More Privacy
Home affords a clear view to the outside. But depending on the degree of privacy desired, you can select films that prevent others from looking in during the daytime.

Live In A Safer Home
Our window films add a welcome degree of shatter resistance to the glass areas in your home. These films bond to glass and help hold dangerous glass fragments in place should breakage occur due to accident, natural disasters or illegal entry. For the utmost in security and safety, Island Window Tinting window film uses special engineering to make glass and film virtually one, creating a barrier on the inside of your windows that helps contain flying glass.

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