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Privacy & Style
Island Window Tinting offers a variety of colors, shades and technologies to fit your aesthetic style and budget.

If it's privacy that you desire to further protect your occupants and valuables, Island Window Tinting offers film solutions for some of the top limo and recreational vehicle companies in the industry. We give you so many choices, from very light to extremely dark, that you're bound to find the perfect tint for your vehicle.

Be sure to check the applicable laws for your state of residence.

Protection from Sun, Heat , Glare & Fading
Many people base their film choice on style alone. The fact is, everyday the sun does irreparable damage to your vehicle's interior. Nothing else can harm a car as consistently as the sun.

Island Window Tinting film reduces fading, in part by reducing the UV rays by up to 99%. Since Island Window Tinting films also reduce heat and visible light, another major courses of fading, you can rest assured that you're fully protected. Even a light tint can make a major improvement.

Island Window Tinting film will also protect the occupants from harmful eye straining glare. Not only is glare harmful to the eyes but it's a major course of accidents and driving fatigue as well.

Island Window Tinting films can reject more than 60% of the total solar energy. This can cool the car's interior temperature by 5° to 10° or more. This reduction in temperature creates a more comfortable ride and lessens the strain on air-conditioning systems.

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